Posted on 23-10-2015 by Brian Mcaleer

Anyone who has followed Eclectic security will have noticed that we no longer offer a dedicated locksmith course. The reason for this is simple:

 Eclectic Security was set up by a mix of professional security industry experts, all with complimenting skills in different areas including locksmithing, we wanted from the beginning to give the best advice possible to anyone who wanted to start off as self employed in the locksmith or UPVC world. All our instructors own and run their own businesses in both of these professions and have assisted in the training of many individuals who have gone on to start their own businesses, some successful and some not so.

 We have all kept in touch with most of the people we have helped train over the years and have built a UK wide network of professional locksmiths and UPVC maintenance and repair engineers, however we have noticed a trend and that trend has been the realisation amongst many startup locksmiths that the majority of their work tends to be on UPVC doors and windows, and a lot of the work they are asked to do is nothing to do with a lock problem, they then decide to attend a course to learn more about UPVC maintenance and repair which is going to be a side of the business that will bring in the majority of their income.

 Most of our locksmith students who attend the UPVC course come to the same realisation that the UPVC tools cost a fraction of what their redundant locksmith tools cost. This is something which some locksmith training companies are not quite upfront about, they also start to realise that the UK is flooded with Locksmiths, just Google and see how many locksmiths are about. A new locksmith is going to have to be on top of their game with the correct tools which don’t come cheap to compete in this industry, the harsh reality of this is many new to the industry struggle and sadly many don’t last long.

 We had a meeting here at Eclectic recently and have decided that we do not want to be part of this, we do not want to help flood the locksmith industry with even more startups who will only add to the problem of an industry which is not always paved with gold as many would have you believe and in an industry that is still totally unregulated within the UK.

 To that end we are able to offer taster days where anyone interested in becoming a locksmith can attend to receive the ground truth of what is needed to get started in this industry, our trading locksmiths will be on hand to share with you their experiences and we can even put you in touch with some old friends who, sadly weren’t as successful.

 This day is aimed at helping you make the right decision before parting with large sums of money on what could be a harder business to compete in that you may be led to believe. If locksmithing is still something you wish to take up after you have spoken to us then we can recommend some professional companies that still carry out this training and who will give you the best training available.