Posted on 18-07-2016 by admin

UPVC windows and doors are built to last and with a some planned maintenance you can get the best from your windows and doors for some time. Here are our top tips for upvc window and door maintenance.

UPVC Window and Door Maintenance

Cleaning upvc windows and doors

When cleaning your upvc windows and doors, we recommend using warm soapy water, a dish washing liquid is fine. Do not use any abrasive detergents or wire wool, this will damage the surface of your upvc leading to deterioration. If you have any stubborn spots, there are PVC solvent cleaners available but please do follow the instructions on the products.

Make sure you clear any dirt build up and debris that can collect in the frames. Get the vacuum cleaning into the grooves, by ensuring it’s free of any obstruction will ensure the windows and doors can close flush.

Moving parts

With most doors and windows, there are moving parts. By using a small amount of lubricant on the hinges twice a year, it can keep them smooth. For some of the metal components you could use petroleum jelly as this is easily found in the household, avoid using too much as it can get clogged and collect dirt. Otherwise lubricants such as WD-40 are highly effective.

Correct use

upvc window and door maintenanceWhen operating your upvc windows and doors, ensure that they are fully closed before operating handles. Otherwise you can put strain on the mechanisms and locks leading to damage. If you’re experiencing issues with tilt and turn windows and doors or you have some similar issues, we covered maintenance and repair in a separate blog previously.


Prevent condensation in upvc windows

It’s a good idea to open your windows in each room everyday for a short period. Allowing the room to ventilate can help. However, if you do find that you have condensation in upvc windows, this can easily be rectified and our friendly local team can be on hand to sort out any condensation issues.

Regular upvc window and door maintenance is recommended and ideally you should check over everything at least two to three times a year. Check the hinges, locks and operation of the handles and locks. For any broken handles, collapsed hinges, condensation or glass that needs replacing call Eclectic today on 01623 272 999.