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Tilt & Turn windows are becoming increasingly popular from upvc manufacturers and have been in use in the UK for over 30 years, as a result we’ve been seeing an increase in tilt and turn window repairs. These windows are a great option and allow you to open windows in a variety of ways. The tilt mechanisms let you ventilate your room and have restrictors ensuring your property is secure at the same time.

Upvc tilt and turn windows are built to last and offer a durable option for your home or premises.

The ‘tilt before turn’ refers to the sequence of opening the window and open inwards allowing you to either tilt for ventilation or turn for cleaning and using as an emergency exist. The same applies to the ‘tilt and slide’ doors often seen on patios. As there are many moving parts to the handles, the mechanisms and locks, from time to time they will need some maintenance or even repair.

Tilt and Turn Window Maintenance

Tilt and turn windows or tilt and slide doors require some specialist maintenance and repair. At Eclectic Security, we’ve increasingly been called out to tilt and turn window repairs, we’re a leading upvc window repair trainer and our team are experts in these systems. We’re often able to repair mechanisms without replacement saving you time and cost.

Problem closing your tilt and turn windows

If the window appears to be almost closed but it’s not quite flush, check for any debris in the frame preventing it from closing. Make sure the handle is in the fully open position before attempting to close the window. If you have a problem opening or closing the window, the window may have dropped slightly or the gearing is out of line. It can be fixed quite easily.

Window tilts and turns at the same time

From time to time the window can tilt and turn at the same time, it’s not meant to operate in this way but it’s not a difficult fix. Our window repair team can often fix this without needing to get any replacement parts (if it’s not completely jammed sometimes we can talk you through the fix yourself).

Tilt and turn window handle won’t move

If the handle is definitely not locked and it won’t budge, it could be jammed. We can release the mechanism and then look at the affected parts to see if they are damaged or broken. Individual replacement parts and handles can be ordered to match the style and colours of your windows.

Tilt and turn window repairs

Whether you have a failed unit and condensation in the windows, the window is jammed or the hinges have collapsed and need repair, our eclectic mix of glazing and locksmith skills can solve just about any problem. Call us today for quick, affordable tilt and turn window repair.