Posted on 04-11-2015 by Brian Mcaleer

Professional locksmiths spend years opening doors for strangers who find themselves locked out, but many neglect to open any new doors for themselves. Here at Eclectic Security we believe we have the key that will open the doors of opportunity to many struggling locksmiths who entered a career they thought would be paved with gold but soon discovered was much more difficult to make a good living in than they were initially led to believe.
All our instructors at Eclectic are trading locksmiths themselves so understand the needs & difficulties faced by their fellow tradesmen, Eclectic are proud to offer a level 3 upvc maintenance & repair course that is unrivaled within the UK, don’t just take our word for it, do some research & come and visit us to make your own mind up, we are confident you will not find another course that can teach to the same level or standard as Eclectic, or even come close.
Anyone who is struggling as a locksmith may want to consider the course as it has boosted the earning potential of all locksmiths who have attended so far, it is also a more viable option for anyone wanting to enter the industry as self employed than going straight in as a locksmith which is quite frankly an industry that is being flooded at present.
If you would like the keys to open the door to a better future then we can cut those keys for you here at Eclectic Security.