Posted on 21-07-2015 by admin

Today locksmithing is much more than cutting keys and picking locks. A locksmith’s work varies enormously from one to another or from day to day.

Of course all professional locksmiths will cut keys and should know how to pick a lock. To survive and make a living as a locksmith you need to provide additional, added value services that go hand in hand with general locksmithing.

For example, locksmiths will offer security surveys to identify weak access points to businesses and domestic customers providing an opportunity to upsell any products such as access control. Diversifying into UPVC maintenance and repair works very well alongside locksmithing as many doors are now UPVC and windows have locking mechanisms that often require repair. Offering repair to be able to solve condensation in UPVC windows is a very small fix but can open up another stream of revenue for you.

Many jobs that a locksmith will attend today will involve a mechanism on a UPVC door or window, some locksmiths offer CCTV or alarm installation, some specialise in safes, others in automotive security the list goes on.

So becoming less reliant on pure locksmithing services will secure your business and provide added security and longevity to your income.

As you can see, there is more to being a locksmith than meets the eye. Encompassing security assessments, product diversification and applying your knowledge to your customers’ problems can expand your business and secure further revenue streams.

For a career in locksmithing which can be rewarding and lucrative, please speak to Eclectic and we can answer any queries and let you know when our open days are running to provide advice and direction for your business.