Posted on 05-07-2016 by admin

Too many keys? Let us make life easier for you, forget those big bunches of keys that drive you crazy standing in the rain trying to find the right one.

Whether you’re an estate agent, property landlord, HMO or maintenance manager, imagine the simplicity of having one key to open all the doors to all the buildings and properties you manage.

What is a master key suite?

A master key suite or system is designed for convenience. The system allows your key holders to have controlled or master access to several properties. If you have many locks and need to control access and security with minimal keys the system is perfect.

Who is a master key suite suitable for?

Commercial properties, estate agents, landlords, property developers, schools, hotels or anyone with multiple points of access and entry that needs it to be controlled.

Why should you have a master key suite?

With changes of tenants, unknown keys in circulation and lost keys it can quickly become a security issue and minefield when it comes to controlling access. A master key system can help alleviate those issues when managing multiple properties and minimise the need to carry around heavy, bunches of keys.

Idea for estate agents, as well as master key suites designed and installed, we also offer upvc repair and maintenance, glazing repair and locksmith services. Please feel free to get in touch for any job, large or small, we’ll be happy to help.