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With years of combined and varied security backgrounds Eclectic can provide the best advice and solutions to your security needs.

Many business owners  have considerable assets locked away and secured in their premises. Assets than can cost many thousands if not millions of pounds and assets that if lost or stolen could cost the business far more in lost revenue than the items are worth. However  it is surprising how many business owners are not aware about how secure or unsecure  their premises may be. They are not aware of the standards & regulations regarding security products including fire regulations. If these aspects are overlooked it could potentially mean an insurance claim being made void if the worst case scenario happens or potentially a legal case.

Access_controlOften security is an afterthought and it is very often a begrudged purchase. Unfortunately many business owners will take the advice of someone who is promising to save them money by installing inadequate security products with little or no tie in to your business impact analysis. Yes this will save money in the short term but it could turn out to be far costlier than having the job done correctly in the first place.

If you are a business owner and would like to find out how secure your premises and assets are then Eclectic Security can help. There are several options available, from basic security surveys to our advanced in depth security surveys which can include physical penetration testing, and staff security awareness training. Our team comprises of ex-military personnel with a wide range of security skills and experience from asset protection and physical security to lock picking and other non-destructive entry techniques, your locks will be thoroughly inspected by our professional locksmiths, your window and door hardware will be checked  to confirm if they meet the correct standards for security, fire safety & insurance purposes, we will test existing security protocols and if necessary highlight vulnerabilities and give best advice on improving them.

Very often one of our surveys will result in time saving for the business and will also give peace of mind to the owner knowing that their staff and property is as safe and secure as possible, and that if ever an insurance claim is needed then they will not have to worry about it being rejected because of inadequate security measures or worry about prosecution because of breaking fire and safety regulations.

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